Meet Our Team Member !

RAYAN HERAT SAFFRON CO.’s goal is to serve our people and to keep this land of deserved the best of goods and privileges with a group of well-educated and patriotic with excellent ideas applicable in all fields of producing, Processing, Packing, and Trading of Saffron, Dried Fruits, and Medical Herbs. The underlying foundations are true and lasting system—support of young people. Talents and ideas are one of the biggest goals in this institution, and we are trying to use our best efforts and enormously use the resources in different fields with the support of men and women to fulfill all their desires. The team has talented people such as website designers, graphic designers, and professional and experienced advisers in agriculture, economics, and administration with excellent talents whose goals are to serve and progress this land and people.

Abdul Ali Noor Ahmadi
Abdul Khaleq Khodadadi
Naser Ahmad Salehi
Admin-Finance Officer
Amena Haidary
Quality Control Manager (QCM)
Marghoba Taimori
Web Developer
Shaima Sadiqi
Production Officer
Bashir Ahmad Nusrat
Agricultural Engineer
Abdullah Khodadady
Procurement Officer
Obaidullah Osmani
Product Exporter Agent
Hasib Majrooh
Business Development Consultant
Ansar Ali Ayoub