Rayan Herat Logistic Service Company

Rayan Herat Logistic Service Company Inaugurated on 2023 with a lot Of Hard ships, but within a very short period of time we were able to stable due to the dedicate service and the strong spirit of our experience team. We identify the way of achieving a sustainable growth of the company by offering innovative and tailor made solutions to the demand of customers by using updated knowledge with reliability. the RH Logistic is committed to service according to the requirements of the clients with respect and dedication. we are providing high standard of quality service to all our customers by offering innovative supply chain starting point the destination of our goal. it is the hidden story behind the sustainable growth the success of our business.

Leadership Staff

Abdul Ali NoorAhmadi
Abdul Khaleq Khodadady

Vision, Mission & Value​

To add value to our esteemed clients by providing logistics solutions . our belief is that our success depends on clients’ success entirely backed by exceptional team work approach , while constantly striving to leave a client with an everlasting positive customer experience.

To become the most reliable and cost-efficient company in the Afghanistan country that serves logistics segments in an exceptionally professional short-timed, and quality consciousness manner.


We strive to perform with solid commitment to integrity, Honesty,Transparency, Creativity with Respect for All.

Coverage Area

Rayan Herat Logistic Service Company can coverage all provinces of Afghanistan, also we have work with many provinces of Afghanistan.

Our Services:

1- Improved Cycle Time –  Planning-Visibility-Measurement.

2- Product Quality and Consistency.

3- Reduced Transportation Costs.

4- Reduced Administrative and operating (Warehouse and Distribution) costs.

5- State-of-Art integrated IT systems Design and Application.

6- Book, Stationary supply.

7-Computer supply.

8-Machinery supply.

9-Food supply services.

10- Furniture supply.

11- Transportation/Vehicle rental services.

12- Repair and Services.

13- Printer Supply.

14- Construction materials supply.

15- Labor supply.

16- Fuel Supply.

17- Armor Vehicles supply.

18- Clothing Uniforms.

19- Tents and rub balls.

20- Air Conditioning and heating,Freezer.

21- Mineral water supply.

22- Generators sales and services.


24- Concrete supply.

25- Oil,Grease,Mb line etc.

26- Solar and Security camera.

27- Electrician of building.


Our Promises

. Providing high quality transportation services to all of our client.

. Invest in our employees to provide better services and company growth.

. Worry about environment according to latest industry standard.

. Safety as top priority in assuring safe work procedures.

. Investment in technology to provide fast, accurate and cost-effective service.

. Living up to highest industry standards.

On Time Delivery

. We always give value to our all kinds of clients and customers.

.We believe on time delivery is our core goal to develop our business.

Contact Us

+93 700280505
+93 799280202
Saffron Plaza, In Front Of Reyasat Zaraat, Walayat Str, Herat-Afghanistan.