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Rayan Herat Saffron processes, packages, and trades/export saffron. we have great saffron products and excellent services to meet your wants. we provide the optimum and customized Saffron made for you. Rayan Herat Saffron began its business operation as a processor, packaging, and trading of saffron in 2019 in Herat, Afghanistan. It has been three years since our company registered in the United States of America with US FDA REG #: 13286924580. we have been exported to our customers in the united states with FDA facilitation export services many times. our saffron products could pass FDA laboratory tests every import time in the USA. the magnificent point is that US customers are delighted with our US.FDA certification.

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The Important Strategy of Rayan Saffron.

To develop and improve the market of saffron with commitment and expertise in processing, packaging according to international standards, and supplying Afghan saffron to global markets at reasonable prices.

To continuously improve its worldwide rating among the top cultivating saffron, harvesting, processing, trading to the international market and saffron product consulting firms, pioneer of the art quality solutions and provide the best professional service.
Rayan Herat Saffron is committed to the continuous improvement of its professional services, and endeavors to provide opportunities for highly qualified professionals to apply development with the highest levels of professionalism.

Best Products

Rayan Saffron Products.


Extra Super Nagin saffron is pure saffron composed of the thickest threads without style. 105-115 kg of saffron flowers produce 1 kilogram of Extra Super Nagin Saffron.


Super Nagin Saffron is the most significant amount of Afghanistan saffron exported annually. Super Nagin Saffron is pure saffron composed of threads without style.


Nagin Saffron is longer and thicker than common saffron. It is pure and contains stigma without the style. Nagin Saffron has no style & pollen…


Pushal Saffron contains threads with 2 – 3 mm style. The presence of style (white or yellow part) gives a great fragrance and its coloring power is about 220 to 260 USP.


Pushal Saffron contains threads with 2 – 3 mm style. The presence of style (white or yellow part) gives a great fragrance and its coloring power is about 205 to 235 USP.

Broken (Maida)

Broken (Maida) Saffron contains broken threads with 2 – 3 mm style, including old and new crops. Coloring power is about 180 to 235 USP. Saffron is very sensitive to moisture.

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The best saffron company with cultivation, processing, and production. Which provides more than half of saffron for the United States..
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The highest quality saffron is used in the production of medicine, making various sweets and decorations..
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Arihant Exims and Logistics Co.
We welcome the quality products of this company. And we believe that we can produce unique products..
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