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Rayan Herat Saffron cultivates, processes and produces saffron. We have great saffron product and excellent services to meet your wants.


The Best Products With High Quality for Our Customers. Six Type of Saffron (Super Saffron, Nagin, Pushal, Powder, Flower and Onion)

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About Us

Rayan Herat Saffron cultivates, processes and produces saffron. We have great saffron product and excellent services to meet your wants. We provide the optimum and customized Saffron made for you. Rayan Herat Saffron began its business operation as Producer and processor of Saffron in 2019 in Herat Afghanistan.

Our Strategy

The Important Strategy of RAYAN Saffron.

To develop and improve the market of saffron with commitment and expertise by producing, processing, and packaging according to international standards and supplying Afghan saffron to international markets with reasonable price.
To continuously improve its world-wide rating among the top cultivating saffron, harvesting, processing, trading to international market and saffron product consulting firms, pioneer of the art quality solutions and provide the best professional service.
Rayan Herat Saffron is committed to the continuous improvement of its professional services; and endeavours to provide opportunities for highly qualified professionals to apply .development with the highest levels of professional.

Best Products

RAYAN Saffron Products.

 Super Nagin

The Super Nagin Saffron is the more amount of Afghan export every year.  Little break Super Nagin saffron is very pure type of saffron which


Negin saffron is longer and thicker by common saffron. It is pure and contains stigma without the style and is the most expensive Saffron in th


Pushal Saffron contains of threads with 2 – 3 mm style. The presence of style (white or yellow part) gives a great fragrance and its coloring 


Particles obtained by crushing the filaments of the Crocus Sativus L. flower using sophisticated machines.The machinery crushes the stigmas in


Crocus plants are relatively small, reaching just 3-6 inches in height (depending on the variety). The leaves are grass-like, generally with a light st


It is a sterile triploid form, which means that three homologous sets of chromosomes compose each specimen’s genetic complement;


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The best saffron company with cultivation, processing and production. Which provides more than half of saffron for the United States.
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The highest quality saffron that is used in the production of medicine, making various sweets and decorations.
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We welcome the quality products of this company. And we believe that we can produce special products.
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