Saffron Process Stages

Quality Control Unit of Rayan Herat Saffron Food Industries

Quality Control Unit relies on specialised and efficient human resources who are capable to analyse and provide appropriate solutions for issues related to the company’s field of activity, control all raw materials entering the factory and also control and check the process of final product which has valuable records. This unit actually controls and modifies the negative variables that affect the final product. And they are trying to use all the appropriate methods to evaluate the quality of the product along the company’s goals, in order to sell products with predetermined standards and the least deviation from the standard. Of course, the scope of activity of this unit is not limited to controlling the final product, and it also expands to the control of employees and production methods.

Quality Control Activities

   1- Control of all production lines and warehouses

   2- Prepare and control all checklists

   3- Approve of purchasing raw materials, supplies, and final products

   4- Control the input raw materials

   5- Control supplies and their packages which are related to them

   6- Control of all production lines and warehouses

   7- Control of all production lines 6: All standards and health licenses made for manufactured products
   8- Put to all physical, chemical and microbial tests
   9- Audit and management of ISO’s obtained by factory
  10- Health control of all production halls and warehouses
  11- Personal hygiene control of personnel according to Checklists
  12- Temperature control and humidity by the gauges in warehouses, halls and cold storage
  13- Control of product arrangement in warehouses and halls
  14- Control the raw materials at entering point, during production and then the final products
  15- Obtaining all legal documents from the competent authorities (as standard- health centres- Ministry of Industry).

we produce In Six Difficult But Enjoyable Stages


Stage 1: Buy the best saffron after careful control

Stage 2: Approve the flowers by the quality control unit, separate the fresh stigmas and transfer to the refrigerator for gradual freezing.

Stage 3: Test the stored stigmas by the toasting devices in form of Pushal, Negin or Sargol for grading different types of saffron and keeping it at a temperature of +5 C

Stage 4: Complete analysis by the laboratory to determine the grade of saffron

Stage 5: Responding to orders, production and packaging of products

Stage 6: Sending cargo to customs Exporting and reaching customers