Frequently Asked Questions


B. L. REG #: 135358

BRAND REG #: 23621

US FDA REG #: 13286924580

EU REX #: AFREXEXPD123456873KBL 11:50

please refer to our Store Page in order to be informed about product FOB prices & for shipment cost see our export page. and you can connect in our sales department . +93784061919

For receiving proforma invoices, please select your products and consider type and specification, then send us details via email and what’s app. You can contact us from 9 A.M to 9P.M through the phone numbers. Our colleagues also reply to you 24 hours.

3 years validity and expiration date after product production.

 Keep at a temperature of 30 °C and in a cool, dry place away from direct light.

As Afghani and Saffron’s costs constantly fluctuate, all pre_invoices and price lists of products are valid for a day.

Moreover, if the amount of your order is high, we will extend the price validity for three days.

500gr. bulk saffron will fill in vacuumed polythene plastic then tight in a paper box and 20 boxes/PCs. will put in one standard five  layers paper carton.

Your order should be 250gr. in one bulk metallic can that will be shipped to your home location or 10 kg minimum and 500 kg maximum every order and will be shipped to your country Airport destination.

Rayan saffron institution has an advanced and well-equipped laboratory confirmed by the National Standard Organization of Afghanistan. All of our items are tested and analyzed in this specialized laboratory. If customers require the analyzed certification, the company will issue and give it to clients.

This department includes customer packing and private labels. Rayan saffron company provides saffron in different weights and various packages (retail and wholesale ). Furthermore, if you set order over 10Kg saffron the company will stick to your private label or brand.

1-Packing List.
2-Lab Analyses Report. (Afghanistan MAIL Official Office).
3-Phytosanitary Certificate (Quarantine Department).
4-Origin Form A (Safta) Certificate (ACCI Office).
5-Commercial Invoice (ACCI Office).
6-Afghanistan Custom Declaration Paper.
7-Air Way Bill or Land Transport Bill.

50% of the total amount cash in advance, and the remaining 50% amount will be paid after receiving all Afghanistan original Export documents by mail. The airway bill will be sent after the final payment Clearance.
~Note: since Afghanistan’s banking system faces transaction and payment problems, we have signed a contract with Red Gold Foodstuff LLC.

Payment should be sent to the bank account of our notified party in Dubai UAE. bank account number, and other details will mention in all our documents. Including the 3rd party payment agreement letter and so on. We have passed this type of payment successfully with many customers.

After the first bank deposit, goods will be shipped between 10 to 15 days to the consignee-approved destination custom. CFR, C&F Term.
NOTE: Import duties are not included.

Rayan Saffron products are transported by express post, plane, ship, truck. etc.

Rayan Saffron company provides an opportunity for applicants who tend to sell exclusively. Please send us your request through email | +93784061919or other social media.