Saffron Dasta/Abu Shaiba


There are different types and degrees of saffron quality and their price is accordingly determined. In general, saffron can be divided into three groups based on parts of saffron flower. Straw saffron which is in form of string with a little yellow or white color at the end of the string. Flower head saffron is all red and the fine and its strings are broken since it is the sorted type of Straw saffron. Jeweled saffron is all red and bold, and approximately all of its strings are normalwith minimal breakage.

In fact, it can be said that Flower head saffron and Jeweled saffron are both pure and the only difference between them is that most strings of Flower head saffron are broken while most strings of Jeweled saffron are normal. Straw saffron due to the fact that end of its strings are a little yellow or white and Jeweled saffron due to its high price and low amount in the market have fewer customers. While, Flower head saffron has the highest rate of exports due to being all red, its reasonable price and abundance during the year.


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